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2020- A Year to Remember

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Finding sunshine in the rain...

I write these words as I sit in a moment of quiet... a rare occurance as a parent in the year 2020. It's been a year of ups and downs and plenty of unknowns. Trying to navigate these awkward moments while keeping our children happy, fulfilled and at peace with each other! :) Sometimes I wonder, if I as a grown adult am struggling, what would it be like to be a little kid in 2020?

Kids THRIVE on routine, structure and clear expectations! 2020 has thrown a lot of that natural order out the window! Of course we can find ways to offer this amidst all of the chaos- but school, friends, learning, teachers, events all came to a sudden halt! And then the hault just continued and continued and continued... to what seemed like forever.

It led to families being together ALL the time! For some it was a huge blessing in disguise. For others a struggle trying to balance work, family, marriage. Then there were working professionals and elderly stuck in their home all alone with no one but me, myself and I. Some even postponed milestones like weddings. Whatever end of the spectrum and everywhere in between you fall in- it's been quite a year!

At least it will be a year to remember.

A year that will make it into the history books- that we were a part of. It was a year that every human on the planet- no matter income, race, location- experienced similar struggles. Feelings of loneliness, uncertainty, fear.

We did too. We also lost income like so many out there. We tried our best to get in hours while attempting to keep kids off too many screens and the next moment paying attention to a zoom class online. Kindergarten on zoom... who would've thought!? Our little guy did so good though. He had his moments where we'd walk away and come back to find him upside down. but he also had his moments of A+ participation. I think teachers were some of the #1 heroes of 2020. I don't know how they managed it but thank you. Thank you for going on this adventure with us and our kids.

Amidst all of the chaos... there's also been sunshine.

Even if we couldn't always see it right away- I know that there's been glimpses of sun rays embracing us with warmth. Sometimes more obvious than others.

We spent so much more time outside in nature; taking in God's beautiful creation. Kyler's quarantine birthday didn't miss a beat! I'm a big birthday person if you don't know and I wanted so much to make his day special. I barely had to try because of the many people that stepped up to make him feel special and loved that day. His amazon package birthday cake says it all. There were so many moments where people were sincerely there for each other and cared.

Our world found new ways to connect; new ways to care and to share.

We got creative with what we have. Couples took date night into the home. Pregnant Mamas held virtual baby showers. Kids discovered their toys again and the great outdoors. We got to know our neighbors more. Pastors preached to cameras with a "live" audience. (Not in person, but online in the camera!)

Life in 2020 has not been perfect. And there may continue to be uncertainty. The unknown is scary and unsettling. But what I've learned so far is the true test of gratitude- finding the sunshine in the rain.

~ APPRECIATING the little things.

~ BEING CREATIVE. Letting God stir your creativity, hopes, desires and dreams in ways like never before.

~ TRUSTING IN GOD to lead you and your family. (This isn't always easy- but I know based on experience, He always shows up.)