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Hey Y'all

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

We're Jario & Leena...

... living in Southern Alabama and pastoring together at Gather Family Church. We’ve been blessed in marriage for 13 years and are parents to our two munchkins Mirelle & Kyler.

We’ve been doing ministry together pretty much since we’ve been married. Some of our life experiences include youth ministry, teaching, caregiving, pastoring, and starting our own business. We’ve been lucky to be able to travel to different parts of the world and experience life and God in different cultures and places.

A highlight in pastoring has definitely been being able to be there for life’s milestones. Officiating engagement ceremonies, weddings, and blessings. Blessing a new home. Praying over a newborn. Being there for families during a loved one’s passing and presiding over Ascension Ceremonies.

We’re always honored to be a part of a family’s new chapter. But we also want to be there for the “non-milestones”. In the daily life moments, challenges, and opportunities that come our way. While life isn’t always easy- it’s a beautiful gift that we’ve been given. An opportunity to make our mark in this World.

We have a passion for seeing how God’s Words can inspire our daily lives. We believe that the teachings found in the Bible and the Divine Principles, brought by Rev. and Mrs. Moon, can impact personal lives and families in a revolutionary way. We seek to take these Principles and apply them to our personal journeys, marriages, parenting and into our communities.

This is our personal page where we hope to provide you with faith-based family resources for daily living. Our vision is to see joy-filled individuals and families centered on God, our loving Heavenly Parent. And to be an inspiration to others.

We invite you to join us as we walk together on this beautiful journey of life. <3


Pastors J&L

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